20th November
Ruapuna Speedway

Turned up to a drizzling Ruapuna with 5 other cars. I started race 1 from grid 4 and thats where i finished with getting tangled up in a bit of argy bargy early on. Already have a warning from stewards and we have done 4 laps into a new season haha.

See you at Ruapuna friday.

Jamie Collins

7th November
Ashburton Speedway

I was offered to drive the 23c Adult Ministock of Tony Newmans for this meeting which is an offer can not refuse. Their were only 2 other ashburton cars here so it was a chance to go out for a drive.Tony asked me to miss race 1 as he wanted to make sure everything was alright with the car after it was battered around in greymouth the day before. He went out and everything was algood so now it was my turn. With the other 2 cars newbies i decided to start in turn 3 to make a bit more of a challenge , but still past them on the first lap and won by a lap and a half. In the last one I started in turn 1 to see if I can get a challenge out of this but still passed them 3 laps into it and pulled half a lap away , on the last lap i saw #7a in 2nd and she has neva held da chequred before so I spun it into turn 3 for her to take the win but she spun herself :/ , so well done to 51a on the win ...

SNZ season  is just around the corner so keep checking back for updates.



Saturday 30 October

Dress Rehersal Ruapuna :

Turned up with 3 other cars in 9c Syd ferguson , 6c Craig Cox and 54c Izak Craven-Burke.
First Race went out from grid 2 and got off to a good start but found a bit of a problem as it was half around the corner it just died but I still managed to hold on to 3rd. We bought it in and we think it was the timing but with not having the equipment we just had to put up with it in the next 2 races.

Race 2 : Started from pole and was battling with 6c Craig Cox , it was a relief to find that the problem that occured in race 1 had gone away. After battling for the whole race changing positions nearly every lap I was just unlucky at the end to come away with 2nd.

Race 3 : After an awesome race 2 i wanted to go out and try and win it but on a very rutty track it wasnt to be finishing behind 6c Craig again.

I was really pleased with how the meeting went showing I can be up their with the quickest  (yes in my own car)
but still with that problem in the 1st race in the back of my head we are going to investigate it in the following week.



Sunday 3rd October

Ashburton Mid Canty Champs

We turned up after a very happy practice session the day before to find 7 other very quick cars at the track. I approached this meeting thinking I have a chance to win this if luck goes my way and i drive with my head. But it wasnt to be after a good race 1 picking up 3 places then spinning out in the last 2. Congratulations to 93n Liam Smith who was driving quicker than ever and winning the mid canty champs.

Overall Placings

93n , 3c , 622d , 10c , 9c , 23c , 51a , 7a



Saturday 2nd October

First Practice Ruapuna Speedway

We turned up with only 1 other car in Syd Ferguson at the track. But still we got 4 runs which we were happy about. Idea of today was to check setup and make sure everything is good for the new season . Went out in race 1 excited as debuting new paint job. Went out and just played with the car trying different lines and see how it handled and I came in with a grin on my face because the car handled the best its ever been.

Race 1 : 23c , 9c
Race 2 : 23c , 9c
Race 3 : 9c , 23c
Race 4 : 9c , 23c